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Everyone knows how important it is to advertise online. Go where the customers are, right? That’s why advertising on Google, specifically, is becoming increasingly popular.

Avadium can help you manage your Google Ad Campaigns and PPC budgets through google search and display campaigns.

Google PPC management includes:


Research & Discovery

Any PPC management professional will tell you that a properly built PPC campaign always starts with comprehensive research and discovery.

Keyword Research

Our analysts leverage Avadium’s systematic PPC management process to discover informational, navigational, commercial, transactional, and competitor keywords. We look for long-tail or branded keywords so that you can skip the top of funnel targeting and jump straight to the middle and bottom of the funnel. In other words, we find the people who know what they’re looking for and are ready to buy with all of this information in hand, we can construct the perfect strategy for your search and display campaigns.

Competitor Analysis

By analyzing each of your primary competitors, we can see what keywords and ads are working for them. Why reinvent the wheel if a competitor already has a successful campaign running that we can learn from? If your primary competitors are getting a good amount of branded traffic, we may also consider building a competitor campaign to siphon traffic from them and flip them into your customer.

Campaign Structure

Segmentation is the cornerstone of ANY successful digital marketing campaign. We begin your PPC (Google Ads or Bing Ads) campaign structure like how a contractor would build a home: with the end in mind. Each keyword parity or theme is segmented from the other, so we have a clear direction as to what is working and what is not. By focusing our efforts on the architecture of your PPC campaigns, adgroups, and keywords, we inherently improve your quality score and ad relevance to ensure you are getting the highest AdRank at the lowest cost per click possible.


Each potential customer that visits your site is at a specific step in their buying journey. When structuring a Pay Per Click campaign, we segment each section of the digital marketing sales funnel. Doing so allows us to target specific pieces of the buying cycle. A digital sales funnel generally consists of three parts, each with a specific focus:

  • Top of Funnel (TOFU) Building awareness and interest 
  • Middle of Funnel (MOFU) Driving consideration Bottom of Funnel 
  • (BOFU) Acquiring and retaining customers

    There are many different campaign types we leverage when building Pay Per Click accounts. Each campaign type is designed for a different stage in the digital marketing funnel. For instance, if you are an e-commerce store, then we will likely leverage a shopping campaign – but that’s not a hard and fast rule.

     We understand that not all businesses are the same, so we make a proactive effort to collaborate with you to help choose the appropriate PPC campaign types for your business. Below are a few of the PPC campaign types we regularly leverage, however, this is not an exhaustive list –

    Search Campaign Types & Targeting 

  • Research 
  • Branded 
  • High-Intent 
  • Top Performers 
  • Competitor 
  • RLSA (Remarketing lists for search ads)
  • Display Campaign Types & Targeting 

  • Keywords 
  • Placements 
  • Topics 
  • Demographics 
  • In-Market Segments 
  • Affinity Categories 
  • Remarketing
  • Feed Campaign Types

  • Shopping (Product Listing Ads)
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Youtube Video Campaign Types

  • TrueView
  • Pre-Roll
  •  Bumpers
  • Design Strategy

    Some companies come to us and they know exactly what they want their product or brand to be. Other times, companies want help defining what they should be making and how it should be positioned. In these instances, we help them study customers, analyze markets and find new opportunities to differentiate themselves with relevant products and brand stories.

    User Experience

    The integration of graphic user interface design and physical product design is converging more than ever. The successful products create a seamless integration between the screen and the device. Human interaction is now embedded in many products, and interface design bridges the physical and virtual divide. Clients are requesting user interface design at every turn, and our designers excel in understanding the user experience.

    Industrial Design

    Form factor, color selection, product finish and material selection are the essence of good industrial design. Our industrial design experts use their knowledge to design your product to appeal to users. The ultimate goal here is to make the interaction with your product one that instills and embodies confidence, inspiration, enjoyment, and contentment. When your users have this connection to your product, they feel good about using and recommending your product.


    Avadium Design located in Scottsdale, Arizona is a leading industrial product design consulting firm specializing in product design, industrial design, packaging design, graphic design, marketing and branding.


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