Engaging Brands and Brand Experiences

Avadium Design Industrial Design team creating new products and packaging on computer

We provide focused creativity and design solutions to brands, helping them to build a stronger link with their consumers, to create more meaningful and desirable products, and to improve their bottom line.


We take creativity and approach it with a strategic process. Our process is fluid and tailored to your specific business needs. We apply our expertise to your issues and develop tangible results. We bring new perspectives to your projects which allow us to have fresh ideas. The Avadium process is simple, yet brings results that will help your organization achieve a competitive advantage in the end.


We use research and strategic evaluation to examine the problem statement and explore insights and solutions. We look at consumer needs and market opportunities. Avadium uses multiple analysis methods to examine everything from branding to business development. We use the knowledge gained from our research to launch design ideas.


We explore solutions during the design phase. Our insights are now becoming ideas. We will refine and test concepts. Avadium uses its proprietary process to strategically consider technological, cultural and business impacts. From our refined design concepts we can create a tangible result.


Avadium delivers solutions to our client’s problem statement. We provide a solution to the original problem and work with our clients on implementation. We deliver tangible items, documentation and electronic files to support the design.



Avadium Design located in Scottsdale, Arizona is a leading industrial product design consulting firm specializing in product design, industrial design, packaging design, graphic design, marketing and branding.


Avadium Design
5425 E. Bell Rd., Suite 105
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA
P: (602) 405-0545


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