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New Ventures
Through strategic perspectives and design process, we can visualize how your business might look in the future and create a roadmap for implementation. Our consultants will work with you in developing your new business ventures. We partner with you in developing new products, services and technologies. Avadium’s team combines creativity and analytical insight to maximize your
venture and create a bigger impact in your industry. We identify valuable insights, which leads to new opportunities for your company.

We know that innovation is the key to a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. Avadium can redesign and optimize your product development process while creating a business model of innovation. We realign your company to be innovative and more effective. We will work with your organization to transform your culture, leadership and processes. These tactics will enable your organization to be able to identify breakthroughs and systematically measure your company’s innovation.

Our consultants will assess your business and develop new strategies to help you gain a competitive advantage. We will work with you to design a vision for the future to guide your company to success. We identify specific medium to long term strategic goals for your company to work toward. Avadium will help position your company against your competitors to have the strategic advantage and overcome emerging threats.

In these tough economic times, companies like yours are looking for ways to cut costs and improve
efficiencies. Our consultants will review your operation and develop a plan to optimize your operations and allow your company to develop a lean program to create maximum value. Avadium will help you improve production, minimize costs, increase efficiency, improve quality, and deliver measurable improvements in all areas of manufacturing. Our consultants will work with your company to setup outsourcing programs or improve on existing operations. Our team will help you find and manage global vendors.

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